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Having a web page is essential for your business, but having it well positioned to find us is even more so.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that contains a series of internal and external site optimization techniques that allow you to improve natural web positioning in search engines such as Google or Bing.

Organic results

Appears in organic searches

Improve the visibility of your organic words

SEO benefits for your website

  • High return on investment
  • Exponential increase in visits
  • Progressive increase in sales
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Online reputation enhancement
  • Reach potential customers
  • Marketing 24/7 without breaks
  • Improves the corporate image and / or branding
  • Get quality traffic
  • Show your business ahead of your competition
  • Build a circle of followers
  • Have a faster and safer website

A digital marketing agency specializing in SEO strategies focuses its knowledge and resources on positioning the website of your business in the top positions of search engines.

Understand how Google algorithms work and optimize your website according to the actual searches of users on the Internet. The objective is to take the top positions of the SERPs for the main keywords of your business.

This is a work that takes time (medium-long term) and must be constantly maintained and reviewed to ensure that its results are notorious, something that is definitely worthwhile as a customer input channel in a fixed and recurring way..

Surely your company already has a website that promotes your products and services, but isn’t taking advantage of the full potential of visitors and potential customers that Internet search engines can give to you.

Therefore, through our services and SEO positioning techniques, your website will appear in the top places of the main search engines such as Google and Bing, without having to pay per click or depending on the traffic generated.

How do we differentiate?

SEO professionals

The key to the organic positioning of a website or app lies in the permanent updating of SEO experts to understand and execute Google’s best practices.

The continuous training of Webbing SEO professionals is constant and uninterrupted. Our specialists update their digital certificates in SEO and web analytics every year to always apply the most effective positioning strategy.

Focus on our client

The SEO department of Webbing performs a thorough digital audit of the professional sector of the client to obtain the precise radiography of the online situation. From there, we are able to design the perfect SEO strategy according to the needs and objectives of your business.

Digital reports

All SEO strategies in Webbing are monitored through the most accurate analytical tools. Each client receives a comprehensive report on the performance of the actions implemented available online 24/7.

Our search engine optimization professionals are certified experts in the use of Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Search Console and other Google products, which allows us to prepare complete and transparent reports.


The permanent update of our SEO experts guarantees the application of the safest and recommended positioning tactics. In Webbing we undertake White Hat strategies to develop natural SEO strategies, the most effective in the Google’s vision and other search engines.

This methodology avoids possible penalties and sudden falls in the SERPs.

Webbing Methodology – How do we do SEO?

The SEO methodology that we implement in Webbing is based on three essential aspects: prior audit, strategy design and outcome measures.

Our SEO agency has developed a completely own comprehensive digital audit that allows us to control all aspects of your business. This exhaustive analysis shows the strengths and weaknesses that your brand has in its professional sector, in addition to dissecting the competition to know how to overcome it.

The digital audit inspects your company’s website as a priority by telling us if it is well optimized according to SEO and usability criteria. With all this data, including the online behavior of the target market, it’s time to design the SEO strategy to follow.

We organised a meeting with the client to unite the SEO strategy according to the corporate objectives of the brand. The information collected through the previous digital audit provides us with the knowledge graph that identifies the entities to work so that Google and the search engines easily understand the business content and theme. It also determines whether the positioning strategy focuses on local SEO or broadens its geographical range, and therefore, the measures to be taken.

This content is transformed into an information architecture focused on the intuitive interaction of users. A meaningful internal linking helps web usability and guides web visitors through its different sections by showing Google essential relational coherence to improve organic positioning. The web content is based on the real searches of the users and seeks to solve their problems and needs ahead of any other objective.

With the web analytics tools that dominate our SEO experts, we monitor the outcome of all actions. We see the performance of the linkbuiding strategy, analyzing the quality of the backlinks that link to the corporate website.

In technical SEO it’s essential to analyze the correct indexing of the url’s of the web, especially those keywords for the digital strategy that must be tracked by Google bots.

Opinions of our clients

Yumagic Productions

"Nos acompañan desde la creación de nuestra empresa hace más de seis años. Desde entonces hemos hecho dos diseños diferentes de la web y nos han llevado el posicionamiento web. Para nosotros más que un proveedor es parte de la propia empresa, siempre están allí cuando los necesitamos, solucionando todos los problemas técnicos y asesorándonos de la mejor manera. Estamos muy contentos con todos sus servicios y con los resultados obtenidos, que hay que decir que son muy buenos. Para nosotros Webbing es sinónimo de tranquilidad."

Battery Things

"Ya son más de seis años colaborando con Webbing, desde un primer momento la sintonía fue total. Lo que más destacaría sería la facilidad para tratar el día a día, la predisposición a escucharnos en todo lo que hemos ido planteando, aunque no siempre hemos coincidido y, por supuesto, el posicionamiento de nuestra web en los primeros lugares de los buscadores."

Premios y certificaciones

Get an instant and totally free SEO audit report

    What is SEO in digital marketing?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the area of ​​digital marketing that deals with the organic positioning of websites and apps in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo in order to attract as much traffic as possible.

    The SEO therefore consists of a set of tactics, digital actions, related to the keywords that users use in their searches applied to the different URLs of the website to help them rank as high as possible in the SERPs.

    Luis Costa

    Digital Marketing Expert

    “A good SEO begins by understanding the specific needs of each business”

    Frequent questions

    An SEO strategy consists of different independent but complementary actions that helps your business to have more visibility on the Internet. Considering that potential customers in most sectors look for products / services online, an SEO agency will increase the company’s growth possibilities.
    SEO is a medium-long term digital methodology. There are many factors play a role when determining when it will begin to give results. With a complete and well focused strategy, as of the 4th, 5th month, considerable increases should be seen in the rankings of the SERPs of the different targeted keywords.
    It is a continuous methodology that must be worked daily to achieve planned results.
    SEO and PPC are absolutely complementary and not exclusive. To undertake both strategies is recommended. The PPC is more short-term, while SEO is a medium-long term process.
    Your target market uses the Internet daily to inform, buy and hire all kinds of products/services. Surely your competition is already investing in digital marketing.

    Of course yes. SEO remains essential for customer acquisition and other corporate goals. Google searches and other search engines far exceed direct searches, so ranking in the SERPs is vital to capture clicks. We talk about the SERP of organic traffic, not payment, where according to the user’s query, the rich results are the best solution to your search. Results that stand out from the rest by providing a series of relevant data to the search and whose visibility, above all other organic and paid results, attracts the majority of clicks on the SERPs.

    The intention of searching for users and how Google interprets them with its new algorithm also reconverts the way to develop the keyword strategy. With all that said, SEO changes, but not in relevance, but in the way of dealing with it.

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