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Webbing we are an expert company in web development and mobile applications, it is currently essential to have a good image on the network in order to reach all customers in the closest and professional way possible.

In the Webbing team, with more than 10 years of experience, we are in charge of making a detailed study of the market towards which the technological product requested by the client will focus, in order to guarantee a result adjusted to the real communication needs of current companies.

Once the technological product is made, the added value that we have in our agency, is undoubtedly the ability to exploit the different existing platforms today, with the aim of increasing the final business acquisition of our clients, either with leads to service level, as for sale at product level.

We are a young but experienced team in the sector, with a growing dynamic and desire to continue improving since we have a very high self-demand.

Our Team

Albert Ibanyez

Albert Ibanyez

Marketing / Web

Eduard Gegúndez

Commercial / Systems

Enric Velasco

Programming / Systems

Ferran Boza

Programming / Support

Anabel Rodriguez

Social Media

Javier Lozano

Commercial / Projects

Luis Costa


Raúl Álvarez

Web / SEO

Sergi Cels

Programming / Support

Edgar Álvaro

Edgar Alvaro

Web / SEO

Some projects

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