Zomby Mobles

Project information

Web Page: zombymobles.es

Publication date: 25/01/2021

Category: Ecommerce

Ecommerce Design – Zomby Mobles

We are proud to present this web design by Zomby Mobles. This shop-workshop in Mataró gives new life to wood. They turn boxes and other wooden surfaces into authentic custom artwork. Portraits, cartoons, landscapes… their catalog is so extensive that customers always find the perfect gift.

Zomby Furniture is a young and dynamic company that was born from an unbridled passion for art and crafts. They want to expand their enthusiasm by teaching craft classes and different creative workshops in drawing, painting and photocomposition.

To create the design of the Zomby Mobles online store we used the WordPress content management platform, alongside a specific extension for WooCommerce ecommerce.

Web content structure

We have kept the structure of the website simple enough to make it easier to find all the sections. It has a menu of 7 buttons with the main sections: Home, Shop, About us, Personalization, Workshops, Contact and the shopping cart.

Since the added value of your products is customization, this option is separate from the store’s products. Proposals and ideas can be sent to the personalization page using a short form, which facilitates contact between customers and the store. To improve communication we have added a direct chat with WhatsApp from the Zomby Mobles commercial, so any questions or queries can be resolved quickly.

Since their products are very creative and visual, we have added several carousels of images. So customers can see the designs almost as a person.

Online marketing for web design by Zomby Mobles

Online Marketing is divided into 2 tasks:

  • On-Page SEO Positioning: The website is fully optimized for search engines like Google, so that any user can browse it without any problems.
  • Google AdWords Campaign: To start your online business and boost your page views, we’ve run an ad campaign using targeting and keyword targeting for search engines.
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