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Project information

Web page: laprofenomada.com

Publication date: 11/12/2020

Category: Advanced

Web development of La Profe Nomada

We show you one of the happiest and most colourful websites we have designed and developed to date: La Profe Nomada.

Dina Caball Olivet is a teacher who specialises in teaching Spanish to young people and adults with extensive national and international experience. After travelling around the five continents and taking her native language with her, she has decided to give online Spanish courses in order to reach all students from any corner of the world.

Creating this web portal has not been an easy task. The CMS WordPress has been implemented as it allows the creation and design of information quickly and efficiently, without neglecting aesthetics. In addition, this page is fully updatable and new content can be added at any time.

Web structure content

As it is an advanced website, it has many interactive elements.

At the top we find the traditional drop-down menu with various sections such as “Who am I”, “Online classes”, the Blog, the search engine and the shopping cart where the selected courses will appear.

Below are three quick contact buttons that lead to the three main social networks: WhatsApp, Instagram and email. To your left, an embedded video of Profe Dina. There is also brief information about the purpose of the page, two action buttons to access the course and price pages and the advantages of studying on this platform.

The differential point of this website is that it includes a banner of alumni opinions at the bottom of the page.

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