Knit For The Planet

Project information

Web page: knitfortheplanet.com

Publication date: 01/11/2020

Category: Tienda online

Ecommerce desing for Knit For The Planet

We present the web design of Knit For The Planet. An ecommerce dedicated to the world of sewing; they sell needles, buds, wool and any other accessory or book about sewing.

Knit For The Planet offers added value for the industry: its philosophy. They only use cruelty free wool and yarn, free of heavy metals and carcinogenic dyes and that comply with OEKO-TEX® and / or GOTS regulations. They also allocate 1% of the profits to green charities such as 1% For The Planet.

Ecommerce webpage content structure

The structure of this ecommerce is based on a scroll design. The page consists of the logo at the top followed by a main drop-down menu.

This menu consists of:

About us
My account

  • Home
  • About us
  • Shop
  • Philosophy
  • Contact
  • My account

The content manager to use for Knit For The Planet is WordPress along with the WooCommerce ecommerce extension.

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